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Trackless Train Rentals

Train Rental is for 2 hours and $100.00 per hour after that

This electric drive trackless train can go indoors or out. Its electric drive means no noise and no dirty exhaust. Let the fun begin at your next big event with train rides for children and adults alike with plenty of room and plenty of power. This train can run for long periods of time and can go indoors or outside on grass or concrete. The Bouncing Buddies Express Trackless Train ride has LED lights, a PA system to play your favorite music and a classic train horn for a super ride experience. Bright colors and plenty of room for riders; 18 children or 12 adults and any combination in between. This train can come to your house for a birthday party or go to a convention center for your next big event.

Bouncing Buddies - Trackless Train Rental

Welcome to Bouncing Buddies. If you're looking for a trackless train, you've come to the right place! We have trackless trains for rent in Lafayette and Baton Rouge.

If you're planning a large event, you've got to consider renting a trackless train from Bouncing Buddies. These trains are perfect from transporting guests of all ages from one point to another.

Or, if you're planning a church festival or school carnival, trackless trains make for a perfect fundraiser. Children will be lining up to take a ride on one of our great trains!

We even have different trackless rides to choose from! Whether you're looking to rent a traditional train with several passenger cars, or a trackless fire truck that can get a larger group of guests loaded into one large trailer (similar to a hay ride), we have what you're looking for!

Bouncing Buddies has been in business for over 15 years, and we're committed to providing our guests with the best time possible. We not only deliver your trackless train, we also provide a trained professional to drive your guests around in style!

So, if you're looking for a trackless train for rent in Baton Rouge or Lafayette, you've come to the right place! For larger events, we have a great selection of interactive games such as a giant boxing ring and mechanical bull. We even have giant rock walls for rent. Of course, we also have a great variety of traditional party rentals, such as fun jumps and water slides for rent. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our home page to start planning the perfect party!

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