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Can I Have A Bounce House At A Park?

Yes, you can have a bounce house at your local park. First get a list of approved Bounce House vendors from your local park officials. Some parks will not provide power, so you will need a Generator. You will also need to know if they allow stakes to be driven into the ground. If the Park does not allow stakes the Inflatable company will provide Sandbags.

Renting a Bounce House at a City of Lafayette Park?

If you're renting at one of the City of Lafayette Parks, Sandbags must be used per the City of Lafayette. The City of Lafayette parks and recreation

do not allow any bounce house companies to drive stakes into the ground.

However we can still anchor the bounce house properly with sandbags.

Do They Have Power At The Park?

Most Parks and Recreation do not allow us to use their power. You may need to rent a generator for your bounce house rental.

Does The Park Have Green Space?

Does This Park Require Reservations?

Paperwork for the Bounce House

Will The Park Let Us Drive Stakes In The Ground.

Lafayette parks and recreation allows us to drive stakes into the ground to secure the bounce house properly. We can also use sandbags at any park.

Does you city park require permits?

Contact the City of Lafayette Parks and Recreation at:

City of Lafayette Park maps and where we serve:

City of Lafayette Rules for a Bounce House rental at the Park:

Does your park have an Approved Vendor List

Are "Bounce House Allowed" at this Park?

Reservations and Availability

At most of the Lafayette parks it is "First come, First serve" in regard to the pavilions. Be sure to show up early to get a choice pavilion!

Every Lafayette park is different so be sure to check their website for information on the park of your choice.

You can View the parks that allow reservations


Be sure to search by "Bounce House Allowed"


Lafayette Parks and recreation, DO NOT allow us to use their power connections. You will need to rent a generator for the day of your event, or you can provide your own.

If you provide your own generator it must be 5500 running watts to support the electrical draw of the blower we use to inflate the bounce house.

Contact Info:

You can contact Lafayette park and recreation by phone at (337) 252-0567

Or you can reach out to them online Here.()

For Questions about park rentals Please contact us at (337) 456-8600
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