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500 Gallon Dunk Tank
500 gallon Dunk Tank Rental
Dunk Tank – Has anyone heard laughter louder than when an innocent person is plunged, perhaps on purpose, into a pool of cold water? Well, with the Bouncing Buddies Dunk Tank Interactive, it's about time you found out. The Dunk Tank Interactive is one of the best treats for any birthday, event, or even corporate event. Put one of your courageous guests on the platform, while other guests can take their chance throwing the ball at the special target – which will instantly, upon being hit, plunge that courageous guest into the water. The Dunk Tank Interactive has a, “danger zone” which all viewing and participating guests must stay outside of. Be sure to read all safety instructions before use. The tension in the pit of your stomach will never be more exciting than when that one magical throw perfectly smacks the red circle. We all know what happens next. Priced at $250 for a four hour rental, the Dunk Tank Interactive will make a huge splash at your party
Dunk Tank Rentals

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