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Dual Lane Bungee Run

Dual Lane Bungee Run

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 What gets the crowd going more than a competitive race? How about a competitive race that has a extra edge to the competition.  Especially if that includes 40 feet of nonstop physical exertion that will leave one of two runners victorious! Get ready to run the Bounce E Bounce Bungee Run Interactive. The Bounce E Bounce Bungee Run Interactive truly tests one's strength, with the harness securely fastened around each runner, and a giant bungee cord giving ample pull in the opposite direction, it's a race to see who can get to the end of the line. Even one slip and you'll be pulled right back to the start. Who wouldn't want to have a birthday party or special event that saw every guest filled with excitement to see who is about to win? Priced at $250 for all day plus overnight, this is one stretch of energy and laughter that will give you a genuine run for the money!

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