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Bouncing Buddies Royal Racer (2 Hours)

Bouncing Buddies Royal Racer (2 Hours)

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Boucing Buddies Royal Racer

Bouncing Buddies Race Car Train

Race Car Arrival

Our trackless train will arrive at your event in his very own enclosed trailer. From the cow pusher to the caboose, the train is 35 feet long and weighs nearly 3,000 pounds! There is one engine and three passenger wagons. Each train car wagon will hold 5-6 passengers, and the train can transport up to 18 people in one trip. Children under 36” must be accompanied by an adult.

Start You Engines's

Eight 6-volt batteries power the train, and it has zero emissions, so it is environmentally friendly and can run indoors or outside. This isn’t your lawn-tractor train! Bouncing Buddies Express runs quietly, unless, of course, you’re listening to the music from the speakers in each wagon. Request your own playlist or listen to one of ours. Bouncing Buddies Express airhorn announces his arrival, and the authentic bell sings a soft ting-ting noise throughout the route.


For evening visits, our train comes equipped with under-carriage lighting on each wagon, lighting inside each wagon, headlights, and strobing LED red and white lights for safety. Plus, we’ve added DOT reflective tape on our barricades and train cars for added safety and visibility at night.




Bouncing Buddies Express likes a lot of space–the more the better–and requires a 15-foot radius to turn around. Indoor or outdoor events: we need 9-foot wide areas to avoid hitting walls, barricades, or pedestrian traffic. Outdoor areas: level parking lots are best where we can block off motor vehicle traffic. Bouncing Buddies does not run on gravel or grass…or in the rain or snow, sorry!


“Trackless” Means Endless Paths & Possibilities


If we’re running outside, it’s nice to give Bouncing Buddies Express plenty of room to run. This allows for circles, squares, and figure eights to make each ride unique and fun. As a minimum, we like around 10 parking spaces — like the ones marked in red or blue on the sample. Of course, if you allow for larger areas, like the one marked in yellow, we’ll definitely use the space!

Remember, too, that we must be able to block off motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic from the path of the trackless train. This is to keep everyone safe! We can bring barricades and flags to help mark the area!


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